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  1. 1.Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Sue McLaren - Wait Till You Miss Me  (Extended Mix) [Blackhole][ VOTE ]
  2. 2.WONDER OF THE WEEK: James Dymond - It Ain't Over (Extended Mix) [FSOE][ VOTE ]
  3. 3.Miroslav Vrlik & Dianoia - Colours Of Our Life (Extended Mix) [Always Alive][ VOTE ]
  4. 4.Dan Stone - Macy (Original Mix) [FSOE][ VOTE ]
  5. 5.Emre Colak - Save The Day (Ula Remix) [Lifted Audio][ VOTE ]
  6. 6.Will Rees - Incipient (Original Mix) [Subculture][ VOTE ]
  7. 7.Kheiro & Medi - Sarajevo (Original Mix) [Abora][ VOTE ]
  8. 8.Para X - Flaming Skies (Original Mix) [Active Sense Records][ VOTE ]
  9. 9.John O’Callaghan - The Forging of Steel (Original Mix) [Go On Air][ VOTE ]
  10. 10.Darren Porter - Human (Original Mix) [FSOE][ VOTE ]
  11. 11.Chronosapien - A New Dawn (F.G. Noise Remix) [Trance All Stars Records][ VOTE ]
  12. 12.FUTURE SOUND: Ciaran McAuley - The Pursuit Of Happiness (Original Mix) [FSOE][ VOTE ]
  13. 13.Attila Syah & LTN - Padma (Original Mix) [Suanda][ VOTE ]