Aly & Fila find themselves in the eye of a perfect storm. On their way up ever since bursting onto the scene with their ‘Eye of Horus’, the Egyptian duo stand at the eve of the release of ‘Quiet Storm’. The second artist album and highly-anticipated long-player, will be released June 26th. Armada Music hooked up with the boys to find out how the album got into being, how they reflect on their role as flag-bearers of the uplifting trance sound and much, much more.

Hey guys! These are exciting times for you two! What’s going through your minds right now, now that the album’s about to be released?
Aly & Fila:”Bring it on J!”

Ever have one of those panic attacks thinking ‘I should have adjusted this kick’ or ‘I should’ve tweaked that melody’? Or did you two give up on being perfectionists?
Aly & Fila:”No, we work well together and calm each other’s creative minds if we have any doubts.”

When was the moment in the studio when you both agreed: ‘this is it, ‘Quiet Storm’ is done.’?
Aly & Fila:”Around early February this year – we were like ‘now it’s ready, let the storm brew quietly’!”

What makes ‘Quiet Storm’ different from ‘Rising Sun’? Is it Aly and Fila 2.0?
Aly & Fila:”Quiet Storm is more mature we feel than ‘Rising Sun’, it is more an artist album, we think the listeners will hear this when listening.”

You guys both have your own studio, as well as sharing another one. Does it help in creating fresh ideas – better than jamming together?
Aly & Fila:”We both have our own ideas, we both work on them first, then we come together with them and we finish the tracks off together. We bounce off each other in the Studio.”

The album has been three years in the making. Has the writer’s block problem ever troubled its process? If yes – what’s the remedy?
Aly & Fila:”Never been a problem with us , we are always learning though.”

Which tracks are your personal favorites and why? What’s the story behind them?
Aly & Fila:”First Sun is very emotional track, it reminds us of one of our previous singles from many years ago called ‘Lost Language’ . Also ‘Tula’ which is dedicated to our fans in Mexico, to be honest we really love all tracks on the album. We are very pleased with the final product.”

Let’s flash back 15 years in time: when you started producing together. Think your 15-year old you’s would have been blown from your chairs when looking at your lives today?
Aly & Fila:”We use to have DJ Mag Top 100 Poster on our wall, think when Paul Oakenfold was Number 1 or Sasha, we were dreaming one day of being in the Top 100. We have managed to be in there for the last few years and last year Voted into the Top 20, we are really proud and happy to be there.”

Needless to say that the trance community has been excited to hear the album. In what way do the road-tests you do with certain tracks, effect the final outcome?
Aly & Fila:”We have been playing some of the tracks out since ASOT 600 was on earlier this year, the response has been really great to the new tracks, no we decided final tracks for album start of the year.”

You could definitely say that you two are representatives of the trance movement. Why is it, you guys think, that trance has such loyal and die-hard fans?
Aly & Fila:”We stick to what we believe in, Euphoric and uplifting trance, a lot of trance DJ’s changed styles last 2 years, we will not.”

Think that if Aly & Fila would ever go house, they’ll be chasing you guys down to Egypt and claim back trance – pitchforks and all? ;)
Aly & Fila:”Would never happen – we would never go House.”

Which also has a loyal following, is the Future Sound of Egypt label! What’s coming up these coming weeks – besides the album singles?
Aly & Fila:”The label is growing really well, we have some exciting artists on the label like Tony Nesse, Bjorn Akesson, Arctic Moon, Luke Bond, Neptune Project, Fady & Mina, Mohamed Ragab and more to come, watch out for their stuff in 2013.”

Summer’s about to kick in and it’s probably going to be a busy one! What’s on the flight schedule in June and July?
Aly & Fila:”We just did our first Ibiza date last Monday at Cream in Amnesia, was a great party. On route now to Summer Red Party in Slovenia. Schedule next month or so will take us to Tunisia, Belgium, Qatar, Germany, Cyprus Ibiza, Netherlands, Romania, Croatia, England, Mallorca before August sees us on tour with FSOE 300 Concept.”

That being said: biggest tune to kill the crowds right now?
Aly & Fila:”Have to say our Uplifting Remix of ‘Aly & Fila feat Sue McLaren – Mysteries Unfold’.”

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