PRE ORDER: Sunlounger - Sunsets & Bonfires (2 Disk CD Album)

PRE ORDER - Shipping 20th August 2021

Sunsets and Bonfires is the highly anticipated new album from Sunlounger. It's the first album in 8 years, the follow up to 2013's 'Balearic Beauty'. It's everything you know and love when it comes to Sunlounger - acoustic guitars, tribal percussions, clever songwriting, and meaningful vocals, but with a refreshing modern twist.

With a strong showing from the lead singles 'Sail Away' and 'On The Other Side', fans are sure to recognize the vocals of Susie Ledge which are featured on six of the album cuts. Inger Hansen also teams up with Sunlounger once again to make an appearance on four of the tracks.

Fans of 'Another Day on the Terrace' and 'Sunny Tales' will find some familiar sounds and styles craftily blended with modern sounds and production techniques.

And in true Sunlounger style, the 2-disc album is split with disc one featuring the downtempo, more relaxing, chill-out versions of each track, while disc two provides us with modern club-ready versions drawing on inspirations by organic house and melodic techno.

CD 1 (Day Time)  - CD 2 (Night Time)

Full Tracklist

01.Sunsets & Bonfires

02. Sail Away ft Susie Ledge

03. Halong Bay

04. All I’m Waiting For ft Susie Ledge

05. Sayang ft Jentayu

06. The Day I Tried You ft Inger Hansen

07. Run ft Susie Ledge & Inger Hansen

08. Sunflower Fields

09. The Sun Will Rise Again ft Susie Ledge

10. On The Other Side ft Susie Ledge

11. Memories ft Inger Hansen

12. Don’t Stop Me From Falling ft Susie Ledge

13. OK ft Susie Ledge & Inger Hansen


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